Our Approach

Christian Communication Centre is an incorporated company  by the Indian Government. Ebenezer V. A market place Apostle called to serve since 1995 by Campus Crusade for Christ then founded Christian Communication Centre by the vision of our Lord JESUS CHRIST.

The CENTRE is established physically in different places connecting inside to provide information for your future development.

Our Story

Chennai Centre: We have 84 agents are working around Chennai to connecting human net work.

It is an interdenominational working group to fulfill Christ-centered objectives.

Eg; Doctors, Engineers, Builders, Companies etc. A viral cycle with authentication information.

Meet the Team

We have 7 members multi-talented to host the meeting and verify communication and execute the every end communications.


Ebenezer V

Founder & CEO

A frequent traveler and visionary working under the network.




Deep committed to complete any target by breakthrough performance.




Spirit fill leader to aspect of evangelize the world for Christ.

Join with us

Register your skill set to use of them, Please contact us by cell phone 9962740660, or get direction to the Centre...