We would like to introduce Christian Apartments, Shopping Mall, Business Centre and much more information to transform Chennai.


We are providing more than 24 service to develop every Christians. for example counseling, matrimonial service, church growth, training and providing communication tools.


Social service partnership with NGO's of Chennai and International. Helping hands, political awareness and having much more service to build individuals and families.

Business projects;

“Communication Centre”is to connect with people for spiritual, business and social life by 21 department of communication service.

“Christian Apartments” for social development with safe, stable, adequate, and affordable environment from neighborhood community.

“Department store” is to provide job for jobless through the systematic business with help of microfinance.

“Multipurpose Hall” is mass communication and social relationship with people and business to raise the future revenues.

“Microfinance” business is continues investment of present project and upcoming small business investment to the individuals and groups.

“Working women Hostel” to uphold abused and widows to stand in the society and raise revenue for the future vision.

Join with us

Register your skill set to use of them, Please contact us by cell phone 9962740660, or get direction to the Centre...